RSS Feed
The "RSS Feed" option will allow you to embed an RSS feed from your or any other web site directly onto your biolinc page.
    This is very useful for keeping your audience informed about the latest news in your industry via article aggregation. You could also embed your own WordPress RSS feed to display the latest articles on your biolinc page.
    To find an RSS feed, search the internet.
    To embed an RSS feed from a WordPress web site:
      Type the web site URL: ex.
      and add /feed at the end of the web site URL
      For our example, if we would like to pull an RSS feed from, which is built on WordPress, we will type into the RSS Feed box on our biolinc "Create Link" option.
This will automatically add the latest 5 posts from the RSS feed into your page as one block. Each article will torn into a clickable link.
The best part is that you will never have to update your biolinc page with the latest articles. They will be pulled automatically and turned into links.

How to Change the Number of Displayed Articles?

To change the number of displayed articles (from newest to oldest):
    Click the vertical dots at the right side of the RSS Feed box in your biolinc page editor and press "Edit"
    You have also other options to customize these feeds and at the end click Update button to update the configurations.
Last modified 7mo ago