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2 Factor Authentication (2FA)
This describes how to add 2FA to your biolinc account
You can enable 2FA in your biolinc account to further secure your account.
    Log in to your biolinc account
    Under the Account tab, find Two-factor authentication and toggle it to Yes
    Download an Authenticator app from the Google Play Store on Android or the Apple Store on an iPhone/iPad
    In the authenticator app, tap to Add New and Scan a QR Code
    Point your phone at your computer screen to scan the barcode that appeared after you have toggled 2FA to Yes
    After you scan the code, take a look at your phone and enter the freshly generated code in the box below the code on your biolinc 2FA page.
    Once done, you are all set. Next time you attempt to log into your biolinc account, you will be prompted to pull up your Authenticator app and enter a freshly generated code at the login.
Last modified 7mo ago
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